Because no home is the same

Our Interior Design Inspiration This Spring.

We’ve been loving the onset of Spring at Parkman George HQ and as the new season approaches, it’s got us thinking about new season interior trends, and all the lovely ideas of how to refresh your home.

The brighter days and lighter evenings make you fall in love with the different spaces in your home all over again. Perhaps the light falls differently in your hallway, or a little hidden corner re-emerges from the darkness of winter as the perfect reading snug for spring. Whatever the change in season does to your home, if you are anything like us, a new season means a new layout, new furnishings and sometimes a splash of new colour too!

The past 12 months has seen most of us utilise the space in our home in new way we have never had to do before. Whether you’ve had to create a classroom in your kitchen, an office in an alcove or a place to escape the madness of a busy family household, our homes and spaces within them have never had to work so hard or become so multifunctional. 

Decorating your home can be a minefield at the best of times but it’s even harder now. We haven’t been able to shop for fabrics or furniture in the same way. Although B&Q (a DIY store for our readers outside of the UK) has been open the whole time, I’m not sure how many times you can get away with buying tester pots of paint as an essential item! 

So, how can we find home decor inspiration? Well, for us you can’t go wrong with Pinterest! We love the rabbit hole of interior inspiration that Pinterest provides (and have lost many hours to it!). Plus, Parkman George has its own Pinterest page so you can see our design inspiration and view our beds in situ. There are always so many new “trends” but are trends the way to go? Should you find something you love and take inspiration from there? It’s a tough one. What if you are not sure what you like to start with, or you love several items but aren’t sure if they go together? Well, our founder and designer extraordinaire, Jessica, provides some basic rules to help you create your own interior design masterpiece! 


Neutral in our opinion at PG HQ is anything from white to leopard print… yes really! Hear us out… a leopard print pair of shoes will never do you wrong and is classed as a neutral, an actual fact. (I often pull that one out of the bag if Mr Parkman ever says anything on a trip away when I have totally over packed!).

Anyway, back to traditional neutrals. They aren’t just whites and cream they are the off colours of white. The whites with a hint of something else, think blush pink. They are the colour of your comfiest t-shirt that goes with any pair of jeans. Think of them as the colour that doesn’t upset your pop of colour shoes or handbag. 

You can also go the other way and add earthy tones like the ones you find in rattan furniture or when you look out into the garden. Muted greens like olive green, rather than green a child would pick out, also come under the earthy umbrella. You can also pick out muted tones of red, yellow and orange when you go down this colour route as little accents within the earthy scheme but remember to keep them to a minimum. 


We love texture; you only have to touch our beds to feel the smoothness of the wood against the wooliness of our blankets. Even if you use exactly the same colour across different items of furniture, light fittings, paint and window dressings, you get variations in that colour with different textures. This then gives you so much depth you don’t need to be adding in pops of colour of anything fancy. All the textures add interest at every turn, you just want to keep looking and touching. 

For inspiration we always look to the way houses are decorated in California. We aren’t saying an all-white room would work in the UK, but you get the idea of how they do it. You could do all white in the UK, but you would need to warm it up with an off white rather than a bright white. You could experiment with a really dark colour. As scary as that sounds really dark colours in rooms can add a feeling of space and luxury. 


Technology is playing such a big role in our homes now, not just how we use it within our homes for ourselves but also how we make our homes operate. Be it an app you can take a photo on and play with paint colours, planning your wardrobe space; not only the space it occupies with the room but also how the internal space of the wardrobe works and functions. Also, we are bringing it more and more into the actual function using smart light switches, heating you control from your phone, even automatic blinds and curtains. 

Our homes are our safe place, our places to wind down and relax. So however you choose to decorate or use technology, our advice is to make it your home and your sanctuary for you, your family, two feet and four pawed. Because no home is the same. 

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