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Written with Laura Lexi’s Mummy

Unlike the rest of our pack, Miss Lex resides outside of the countryside in our neighbouring City of Bristol. And a city dog is exactly what this little madam is!

Living in beautiful Clifton, Lexi works in ‘pup-licity’ with her Mumma in the South West’s largest PR consultancy. Trotting into the office wearing a collar and lead to match her stylish Mum’s outfit de jour, Lexi spends her day quite literally ‘dreaming’ up ideas for Clients and puts her 8 years of being adorable to good use by keeping her colleagues smiling. It’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it!

When Lexi isn’t busy taking on the world of PR, she likes to spend her down time wining and dining in Bristol’s finest eateries. Whether it’s an al fresco lunch at Goram & Vincent or a cosy winter drink by the fire at The Albion, Lexi has all the best recommendations for where to be seen when out and about. 

Images of PG Pack member Lexi the king Charles cavalier around her home city of Bristol

Lexi lives quite the jet-set lifestyle too, regularly joining her paw-rents on trips away. From business trips to London to the Cotswolds for weekend escapes, Miss Lex will quite happily pack her suitcase and take off for a few nights away. She also frequents first class rail travel between her home in Bristol and visiting her family in Scotland. Well one must travel in style! 

When it comes to exercise, a lady must keep trim but it’s not top of Lexi’s list of fun things to do! Despite having her own live-in personal trainer, Lexi would much rather hop in the car than head out on a walk. Walks tend to be a little pootle around Clifton Village rather than the runs her fellow PG Pack pals, LouieShiloh and Reuben go on.

All her little quirks make her the loveable little princess pooch she is. But it’s her absolutely adorable little face that makes you fall in love with her. She has the biggest brown eyes that just melt your heart. Her tan eyebrows create so much personality and expression, that everyone turns into putty when around this beautiful girl. She loves cuddles and will quite happily let you tickle her tummy all day long. And although she is super friendly and will seek cuddles (and biscuits) from most, she is a mummy’s girl at heart. Those two really are two princess peas in a pod. 

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