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Written With Corrine Shiloh and Reuben’s Mummy

By now we hope you have met our PG Pack and have a little idea of who they are and what they like to get up to. Our Pack have many hidden talents that should be celebrated and we thought it was only right they got the chance to tell you a bit more about themselves with a little help from their humans. I mean come on, they have put a lot of training, time and effort into their humans’ well-being.

During Crufts this month Shiloh and Reuben took the chance to show us what they get up to. Our father and son duo have star quality, they are both Crufts winners! They will be able to enter Crufts for the rest of their lives as they both hold Junior Warrant titles. They have achieved this by winning certain awards at Open shows and Championship shows when they were between 6 and 18 months old. This also means they have gained a Stud Book Number and can enter shows with the title JW, a great honour and an exceptional achievement. 

Did you see how well they did last week at Crufts? Shiloh won best Veteran Weimaraner and Reuben won Good Citizen, came 2nd in his Weimaraner class and looked phenomenal in the Junior Warrant final.

If you haven’t seen these two at a show you are missing a treat. To say these two love the show ring is an understatement. It all starts before they even get to the show: the excitement, singing and howling lets everyone know when they have arrived. When they are on the benches waiting to show most dogs chill out, have a sleep and watch the world go by. Not Shiloh and Reuben; they have to make friends with anyone and everyone. When it comes to show time, they enter the ring Shiloh’s head and tail go straight up, he becomes Benjamin Button, at 11 years old he regresses to a puppy. When he places first and he is standing for his write up with the judge he bursts into full voice.  Reuben on the other hand is a little more subtle but they both like to entertain the crowd.

Our father and son are much more than show boys. Shiloh is a loving daddy and has the amazing pedigree name of Risinglark Hawk Wing – we think he sounds like a film star at HQ. Reuben isn’t far behind him in the film star stakes with Braefell Goshawk, also Reuben means ‘Behold a Son’ – you can’t argue with that!

They are joined at the hip quite literally. Shiloh is normally found asleep under Reuben who has no sense of spatial awareness and will drape himself over his daddy at any given opportunity, sometimes with his beloved pink blanket. They love to go to the beach each day and Shiloh is always off finding the ladies, strutting around and making friends. Reuben on the other hand is off playing detective and finding dens to hang out in. Reuben never stops and has achieved his Bronze, Silver and Gold Kennel Club Good Citizen awards, he loves agility and generally being out and about. On the other hand, Shiloh isn’t a fan of agility he would rather go to fun club – a little walk, little play, coffee and cake and he’s done. We don’t blame it that sounds lovely…

At the end of all of this they are both always full of smiles for their humans and love nothing more than a game of tuggy, a few empty loo rolls and a snuggle. These boy’s true talent is the training they have put into their humans. So much so that the phrase “it’s a dog’s life” was written just for them!

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