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Our Gift Guide For 2021 | For Happy Pups All Round

Christmas is just around the corner, we thought it was time we gave you a little gift guide of our tried and tested gifts, gadgets, and all things fur-baby. Our PG Pack have road tested these items and love them, but they all come with a human stamp of approval!

Let’s get started with our 2021 gift guide!


There are two types of trackers; live GPRS tracking and activity tracking… 

Louie has been trialling the live PawFit tracker after he did a disappearing act earlier this year. The advantage of the PawFit tracker is, as long as, he has it on his collar, his human can see where he is live via GPS on an app on their phone. It also tracks steps, and they can even go swimming with it.

The disadvantage is Louie must be wearing it and when you switch it on it makes a high-pitched noise. He’s not a fan of noise so as long as it’s switched on before you put it on him, he knows no different. 

Reuben and Shiloh have activity monitors. These track their activity in just the same way we as humans track our activity. PitPat tracks walking, running, play, swimming and even important rest. This is worn on their collar, and you have an app to see the activity. 

PitPat and pawFit tracker as model buy the dogs from the PG Pack for luxury wooden raised dog bed Parkman george.


If you ask our pack they will all agree they love a Pets at Home cord toy. From the monkey to the (Louie) lion there is a good choice, and they seem fairly robust. There is no toy that is fully indestructible, the PG Pack have tried to find them over the years but never succeed.

The Pets At Home cord toys last a long time and are very good value for money. Monkey was a gift from Lexi to Frank at least 6 years ago. He might be missing some stuffing in his arms and his ears but otherwise, he is still going strong.

Parkman George PG Pack members with their pets at home cord toys


Lexi and Frank are both big fans of their Furbo’s. Furbo is an interactive smart dog camera that lets you see, talk, and toss treats to your dog from anywhere. It also has the benefit of noise and movement alerts and night vison as I discovered a few weeks ago. 

Frank has never had a problem with being left at home but as we come out of lockdown, I was concerned how he would be being left alone. This was the main reason for us getting one. It has been interesting seeing what he gets up to while we are out but also just knowing that, as he gets older, we can monitor him a bit more. Not only does it pick up barking but also crying, whinging, and yelping so if he does hurt himself or if he is responding to what is going on in the house, we can see what is going on.

It gives me a piece of mind that Frank is ok when are aren’t there. Plus, their Instagram is a great source of amusement here at PG HQ.

Parkman George Beds

For the ultimate gift, not only your dog but for you and your home, why not choose one of our very own handmade wooden dog beds complete with orthoptic memory foam. With a choice of 4 designs in small medium and large, you then choose your colour, and we make your dog bed to order at our workshop in Somerset. As each bed is handmade to order we can even tweak the size, so your bed perfectly any space in your home.

Our dog beds are packed full of design features to not only perfectly match your home but to give your pet a safe and warm space they can call their own. One feature is that our beds are raised up off the ground. This extra height is kind on the joints of our older pups

When it comes to colours, you can choose from one of our own colours or we can colour match to a colour of your choice. All our paint is two-part water based, it is not only hard wearing, but also designed to be in a family home and also low in those nasty smelly VOC’s.

Our beds have also been designed to last a lifetime. We have designed our dog beds in such a way that we can take them apart, respray them in a new colour and then put back together again. Component parts can be replaced, from the oak rails to the base plates. Accidents and chewing happen and that should be the last thing that makes one of our dog beds unusable. 

Ivy & Duke Blankets and Pillows

To finish off your Parkman George dog bed why not add an Ivy & Duke blanket, pillow or both. These blankets and pillows are carefully handcrafted to provide a robust but comfortable addition to our dog beds as a cosy companion. 

Each blanket is handmade, double sided and has a soft faux sheepskin for maximum comfort. These blankets are available in three sizes and a choice of 4 colours. The pillows come in one size but with the same 4 colour options. You can match your blanket and pillow to your mattress or contrast it with a different fabric choice. We can always order you spare mattress and pillow covers so you can keep them fresh and clean all year round.

Frank is obsessed with his and likes to be fully wrapped up in it. They are so soft our founder Jessica even has a large size on her sofa just for her!

Ivy and Duke blankets and pillows are made in Manchester UK. For luxury wooden raised dog bed Parkman George

Ruff & Tumble dog coat

This is a nomination from Miss Halo herself. Their high-quality, super-absorbent, soft cotton towelling drying coat, practical yet stylish. This is what sets them apart. Designed and made from top quality cotton towelling, the Ruff and Tumble range is essential for dogs who love to swim, lie in the rain or go swamp swimming. 

Halo, with her double Labrador coat, loves to swim no matter the time of year. She doesn’t consider how long it takes for her to dry in the winter. As she is growing old (dis)gracefully it helps keep her warm after a wet, muddy winter walk. Plus, it keeps her human’s car tidy! It fits her really well and doesn’t get loose or get in her way.

Ruff and Tumble dog drying coat as modelled by PG Pack Member Labrador Halo for luxury wooden handmade raised dog bed Parkman George


Equafleece as modelled by dogs from the PG pack for luxury wooden raised dog bed Parkman George

These are the most amazing fleeces. 100% rainproof, breathable, warm and washable, but also incredibly comfortable – as certified by Frank and Louie. Frank (as you can imagine from the drama that winter brings on) has multiple different styles. 

They are made from the same Polartec® high performance polyester fleece you’ll find in advanced technical mountaineering wear. For thin coated dogs to keep them warm and dry. Being so close fitted Frank is able to wear his harness over his fleece. He even wears them sailing under his life jacket.

With Louie you might think why would he need a fleece with all that hair? With Louie it’s not so much for warmth but more the after effect of being cold once he has gotten wet. It also helps keep him clean…you can imagine all the mud and sand in his coat!!

The absolute joy of their garment products: tankies, coats, jumpers and summer suits are they can come is so many sizes, skinny fit, bulldog fit. They have a measuring guide on the website, but if you have any questions just get in touch with them and they are so helpful. You really can get a lovely close fit that means they are kept warm and dry without the flapping you get with a traditional coat.

Christmas Lists

Onto the Christmas lists they have all been writing to Santa themselves. 

Barbour collars, Harnesses and Leads – now we know whose Christmas wish list these will be on! The one and only Miss Lexi to add to her Barbour coats! She may well be a city girl, but she appreciates the finest in country fashions.

Louie is a simple lad and would be very happy with a supply of Lily’s Kitchen Woof Brushes. He doesn’t ask for much.

Their list could go on forever, we have some of the best suppliers in the UK for all things dog. Help us discover your favourite products by sending us their links. When you are a small company like us, with Christmas packages going out the door they are always so exciting. Enjoy your Christmas shopping for your fur-babies and we can wait to see what you all order.

Parkman George has not been paid by any of the above-mentioned companies all the opinions are those opinions of Parkman George Ltd.

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