Because no home is the same


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… whether it snows or not, Christmas is a time for cwtching (our favourite Welsh word!) with the ones we love, spending time together and, of course, eating the odd mine pie or three.

Christmas for Parkman George provides an opportunity for us to say a massive thank you to all our amazing family and friends that have supported us on this journey so far and reflect on an incredible few months where we’ve launched a product that we are so proud of.

To all those who have spent hours and hours going over website copy, then going over it again, again and probably again. To the crisis managers that have helped when we have bumps in the road. To the sense checkers ensuring that our products and the way they are ordered works. To everyone we know with a business who has shared who they have their bank accounts are with, their accountants and solicitors are. To the master-crafts men and women who our make our products, we salute you. Without your skill and belief in us we would never have had our dreams realised (we have been laughed at by many). To the team who built us the best website out there. The friends who have made thousands of cups of tea and listened to us go on and on as we work though ideas. To the models, our stunning furry boys and girls rock! You all turned up, turned it on and put your best paws forward.

To our Branding Group we will never forget the day we all sat around that borrowed office table with cups of tea, post it notes, flip chart paper and blue tac. Your insight, ideas and wisdom have been more valuable then we could very have known. You have really helped bring Parkman George to life and continue to do so.

The list goes on and on… Our printers, photographer Brad (please look him up), Jess’s brother for lending us his van (Mr Parkman had to drive it as she can’t be trusted), The Plough at Wrington for lending us their venue, Auntie Tracey and Uncle Paul for lending us your house.

The biggest thank you needs to go to the other halve of Parkman George Mr Parkman who has supported us all the way. Mr Parkman you have been there all the way worn the t-shirt, ridden the bumps in the road and not wavered.

Now we are worried we have forgotten someone. If we have, we are very sorry and will be devastated to know we have. We wouldn’t be Parkman George without everyone who has been there and continues to be there with us. So a massive thank you to everyone who has helped us get to launch and to the end of 2019 and, whether it is a white Christmas or not, a very Happy Christmas to everyone from Parkman George. Bring on an exciting 2020!

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