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Would you like to meet our PG Pack?

You’ve seen them all over our website and social media, so we thought it was high time that you got to know our pack a little better. We are sure you have picked up a little bit on their personalities, we have some rather special members with some amazing stories to tell. In the coming months each of them will tell their story but for the time being here’s a little hello from each of them.

It only feels right at this point we do it in alphabetical order as they are all Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses to us here at PG HQ.

So, without further ado first up is Dandi. 

Dandi, Dandi Dog or Double D to those who know her. She is our resident Cockapoo. Well she’s actually a Cockapoo x Bichon Frise. This adds a whole new layer to her personality. Her favourite thing is to steal toilet brushes and tools and then come and show you. How can you be upset with her beautiful face when she shows up with her latest treasure?

Frank is up next…

Frank, Frankles or Chopsalot, his name depends on what he’s been up to. He is our classic Jack Russell; well he likes to think he is. His human is our co-founder Jessica, who has become accustomed to catering to his rather high standards. As much as he looks like your typical Jack Russell, he is far from it. He doesn’t like the cold, rain or even drizzle, mud, or generally the outdoors, unless he can lie in the sun all day. You are more likely to find Frank in a coffee shop than you are going for a walk. 

Ahhhh Halo, 

Halo, Lo or Miss Lo is the happiest of ladies you will ever meet. She is our blonde Labrador with the biggest of hearts. She loves nothing more than a walk, where she can go swimming. Even in the middle of winter she, has refused to leave the water at the end of her walk because she hasn’t had enough time to make herself truly stink! 

Lexi, Lex or Lexiloo is our beautiful King Charles Caviller. Lexi is a city chick with a wardrobe to match every occasion. It’s not unusual to see her trotting around Clifton Village in Bristol, browsing the boutiques with her mum. She’s not a fan of the countryside unless it involves a roast dinner in a lovely pub. We think you’ll agree she is quite unusual for a King Charles Caviller being black and tan. She can turn up to any photo-shoot and nail the shot within 5 minutes – only if it’s worth getting out of bed for of course!

Louie, Louie, Louie (said in a slightly high-pitched voice)

Louie, Louie Pup, or Louie Man… well what do we say about our boy with the 90’s curtains? Louie’s story is an amazing one of right time, right place, right humans. He is a Heinz 57 who happens to have had a DNA test. He is from Cambodia and was rescued from the streets as a tiny puppy. There is a whole story here that we’ll let his human tell you. After 3 years of living with his human in Cambodia they both returned to the UK 18 months ago. Since then he has had so many new experiences – snow was an interesting one!

Here come the Crufts winners of the PG Pack….

Shiloh, Nooner, Shi Shi (sung to the tune of Jai Ho)

Shiloh is our Peter Pan; would you believe he’s nearly 11 years old and off to compete at Crufts in March. He is a Crufts winning Weimaraner who loves to ‘arrive’ and strut his stuff. It doesn’t matter if it’s a show or the beach Shiloh will be a cockerel in full bloom with his tail held high looking for the ladies. He is a real chatter box. Even in the ring he will be chatting to the judges and lets you know when he has won with a whoop. He is also a proud daddy to our PG Pack member Reuben and as similar as they are, they are also polar opposites.

Reuben, Baby Roo, Ru Ru

Reuben, well where do we begin? This boy is more than happy to be at the beach, on his humans’ bed or with his daddy or in the show ring. He has also won Crufts for his breed just like his daddy. He is competing in the main ring at Crufts this year. When he’s at home he is his mummy’s shadow but doesn’t have any spatial awareness and thinks he is the same size as Frank. This boy is all about the camera and knows exactly where it is at all times. No need for treats with this one. He is so chilled and laid back he hasn’t even noticed the ladies yet… not quite following in daddy’s footsteps just yet.

Keep an eye out for our PG Pack they are popping up all over the place… 

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