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Your Paint Journey

We seem to spend a lot of time talking about how we can create a bed that perfectly matches your home; whatever your heart desires can be matched. Would you like to match your natty pink Aga? We can do it. Would you like a nice, soft, neutral to complement that new rug you have inherited from Aunt Dotty? We can do it. Would you like a pop of colour to show how special your pooch is? We can do it.

You can choose your colour in many ways. Firstly, we have the colour picker in the options section on the website. Here you’ll find a selection of colours that we hope will inspire you to either try a flash of colour or something to tone in with your home. We can also colour match to any of the big brands – Farrow & Ball, Little Green Paint Company, Valspar to name a few, just let us know your brand and paint colour. We can also colour match to something you might already have in your home, be it a colour in a piece of fabric or a piece of furniture you have and love. We will always do our very best to create a perfectly tailored colour.

Whilst colour is super important to us, the integrity of our product and our ethos remain at the core of what we do. Our paint choice reflects these values. We use the highest quality water-based paints made right here in Britain. These are just a few of the reasons why…

Water-based paint is lower in those horrible VOC’s. That funny smell you get when you paint a room or get a new sofa for instance. This means it’s not only kinder to you, your family and your furry family members, but also to the environment. Our paint has minimal solvents and they disappear within the curing time whilst still at our manufacturers. Being low VOC also takes away the flammability risk. All this makes it a kinder, safer product for our amazing master craftsmen to work with. We do all that we can to make sure your order has lost that smell before it arrives to your home ready for your furry ones to snuggle down in and enjoy.

We are also very aware our beds might be in high traffic areas of your home. Our paint forms the protection layer for the wood. It needs to stand up to modern family life. Paint durability is very important to us, nothing worse than those scuffs or ‘marring’ we all get on our furniture that make it look tatty before it’s time. Our paint has been designed to not succumb to this scuffing from life and any marks should just wipe off. We cannot prevent scratches, dents and marks within the wood but please be assured our paint has a flexible nature to it meaning that it shouldn’t break within the damage. 

It’s an exciting time at the moment within paint and finishes. More and more water-based products are entering the market and we have an amazing team at the forefront of the paint industry. This means we can bring you exciting new finishes, paint colours and products that excite us and we know you will love.

Our highest priority at Parkman George is to put your pets first and we take great pride in doing this at every point of our design and production. You will always have the very best version of Parkman George delivered to you.

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